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sub rosa space open house

june 2019. stay tuned.




'beyond say: an american in athens

exhibition & performance by peter max lawrence, 11 january 2018



exhibition by emeline depas

OPENING, 14 February 2018. Exhibition, 14 February - 6 March 


'prosecco sunset'

finissage performance for 'moved: works by emeleine depas' 

performance by andrius mulokas and macklin kowal, 6 march 2018


'heavy duty'

performance by Andrew robinson champlin, 22 march 2018


'As I Intensify I Become More Singular' 

group exhibition curated by ioanna gerakidi, 14 april 2018


'the umpire strikes back' 

performance by peter max lawrence, 28 april 2018


 'futile games in space and time'

exhibition & performance by evripdis sabatis, 26 may 2018


'matter of matters'

performance by andrius mulokas, 9 june 2018

presented as part of back to athens festival 6


'the Kardashian is present'

Performance by Constantinos Anastasiades, 23 June 2018

Curated by Kiriakos Spirou and Produced by Und.Athens 

‘versatile dream

performance by andrius mulokas, 14 & 15 september 2018

pimlico: live in athens

performance by pimlico, 22 September 2018

it’s in the upper room

performance by sarah johnson, 13 october 2018

Lavorando per l’uomo invisible, operetta in atto unico

performance by matteo rovesciato, 2 november 2018


performance by jazmin taco, 17 november 2018

return of the yeti

performance by peter max lawrence, 30 November 2018

le tre capre

performance by Lucia Bricco, 15 December 2018


exhibition by Florent FRizet, 20 december 2018

featuring a performance of the avenirologic hymns by denis maksimov/avenir institute

The Candy Piece

performance by Nina Alexopoulou, 4 January 2019


exhibition by Alexandra Masmanidi, 18 january 2019


performance by Ergo Collective, 1 february 2019

‘Freude schöner Götterfunken’ and ‘Grounding’

performances by Beate Linne and Roi Vaara, 16 february 2019

No Silver Bullet

Performance by Antigone Theodorou, 23 March 2019


performance by Karin Verbruggen, 20 April 2019

‘Drago, Mia Nonna, La Forza e i Coriandolli’

performance by Federica Peyrolo, 4 may 2019

‘The Morning, The Morning, The Morning’

performance by lucia bricco

offsite: platforms project, athens school of fine arts, 16-19 may 2019

‘the notion of absence’

performance by myriam laplante, 25 may 2019


performance, June 2019

genesis jones


performance, june 2019

alex romania

fall 2019: performances by Elisabet Birta Sveinsdottir, Lorene Bouboushian, Myrto Noa & Charlotte Nieuwenhuys, Grete Smitaite, and more


Το Sub Rosa Space βρίσκεται στο Πραξιτέλους 37, 3ος όροφος, 105 60 ΑΘΗΝΑ || Sub Rosa Space is located at Praxitelous 37, 3rd floor, 105 60 ATHENS

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