Sub Rosa Space

Sub Rosa Space was established in 2018 as an independent platform for performance in central Athens. For better of for worse the Greek capital is a current obsession of the art world, a new capital of creative work within Europe’s periphery. In such an environment—where, for the sake of market-driven lexicology, formal terms often face pressures to define themselves quickly and definitively—Sub Rosa Space maintains itself as a forum where performance can continually ask itself what it is. It is a space for deliberation. It is a space for the development of an ongoing, open discourse consolidated around a given practice.

Beyond its formalist curiosities, Sub Rosa Space privileges work that takes questions of political import into realms of abstraction. Themes of power, authority, the violences of legibility and accountability recur through the work of invited artists—though often in a spirit of playful derision.

Sub Rosa Space was founded by curator, writer, and academic, Macklin Kowal.